Tuesday, November 20, 2007


As you may know, yesterday was a tough day for me. Well, now I feel much better. I hung out with my cactus, Larry and I watered him. It was relaxing.
Life is back to normal. I'm digging the fact I have half a day of school tomorrow then get to escape to Connecticut for a bit.
Enough about me.
I want you to meet my dear buddy, Larry. I got him about a year ago It was the week before Christmas. I was in Chinatown buying my friends fake superman and poweranger toys inscribed with fragment sentences ("SUPERMAN COME TO SAVE WORLD!" was my favorite) and I saw a man selling cacti.
"Sir," I said. "How much for a cactus?".
I think it was something like 6 bucks. I bought one and took him home intending on giving it to a friend.
That night me and Larry really hit it off well. I decided to keep him and he has grown a solid five inches since then. Oh, Larry. I wonder what adventures lay ahead. Fun ones I hope.
Now meet my friends:

Don't ever leave me, bro. Don't ever leave me.

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Glen said...

Y'know what would look really good on him? A balloon hat!