Friday, November 23, 2007

Kevin Gannon Radio

I am excited to announce that the first episode of the new Kevin Gannon radio show is FINALLY working. I hope.

Tune in and listen live right now! Just take a trip over to the sidebar
and play that bitch.

Leave me comments if you like this or not. If enough people do I can make a Kevin Gannon hosted play list every month.
Now just sit back, relax and ride the sound waves into oblivion.


Anonymous said...

it doesn't work

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Right right.
Yer' not the only person who says it dosent work. It works for me, and that puzzles me.
I'm on it. Lets hope its worth it.
Thank you, Anonymous. Yer' so mysterious...

Anonymous said...

nah nah, it's daniel. tehe

Elizabeth said...

it doesn't work.
it fucking froze my mozilla.

King of [Silent] Cartoons said...

I get the page fine, but it doesn't play. I'd like to listen whenever it's working.

Anonymous said...

i liked it.

that's what i wanna do with my life.

Chris Nelson said...

i found it a delightful way to spend a cold sunday morning in bed. keep up the good work jolly old chap.

and i will come and fuck up who ever voted before the links were fixed

love always//always love

Jack Coolio said...

talk more

Jack Coolio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Elizabeth said...

i dig the second tune.
glad you fixed it up

the nelsonator said...

Kevin baby your a star!!
they fucking love it!!
have your people talk to my people
lets get you famous

veronneca said...

your whole narration thingy sounds almost hyponotic... you know, like those subliminal/motivational CDs you get from the bookstore :)
Anyways, love it! at least it is FRESH!!!

Glen said...

You had me going at 2am until "Lineman for the County" sprinkled a little narcoleptic dust in my snuff. Leave o'l Glenny boy to the professionals.