Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventure across the street

Living on State street is pretty cool but being directly across from the Chicago Theatre is even cooler. It's always there and it has always taunted me with it's banner, announcing shows that I don't have the money or time to see. From Dennis Leary and the entire cast of "Rescue Me" to Ne-Yo, there have been many shows I have wanted to see but instead watched bitterly from across the street as audience members poured out, embraced by happiness and overwhelmed with such satisfaction that they decide to just stand on the street in a large group for a little while. 

Well, yesterday I was with Preston and decided that I should at least try to get tickets for the "This American Life Live!" show, which last time I checked, was all sold out. I went in (keep in mind, the show was in a few hours) and to my shock, a party of two had cancelled and I was able to score a pair of seats on the ground floor, 8 rows back from Ira Glass himself. 

It was a good show but got better when Joss Whedon came out and performed a musical number he had written as a commentary on a DVD about how much he hates commentary. It was amazing.

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Emily said...

And lets not forget a shout out to Grandma for financing the show.