Sunday, April 26, 2009

Traffic Jam

There are a few posts on this blog that readers always seem to remember and bring up. The first and most obvious was "Things I Always Wanted..." which was written a very, very long time ago (back in 2007!). It comes up in conversation between friends frequently and is responsible for a huge amount of traffic on this blog. Not because people want to read it but because it has the text "Sock-Em-Bopper Jingle" written in it. Every time someone googles that (which according to Site Meter happens a lot in Canada) they go to my blog. Do they read the post? Of course not.

Another entry that comes up a lot was when I wrote about the amount of readers drastically decreasing. It was called Negative Slope and had a diagram of the views per month sliding into nothingness. That post gets mentioned a lot and it should because even now, looking back at it, I think it's really fucking funny.

Why am I bringing these up? Obviously because I'm a self indulgent asshole. But more importantly because I have a sort of sequel or update-ish post to write in regards to the latter. 

The other day I was on Site Meter and I realized that the month of March hit an almost all time high number of visits. It seems I have gotten what I wanted and am back on the bandwagon. I thank you wonderful readers and pat myself on the back (which I usually do frequently after completing the most mundane tasks anyway). 

In honor the the Pan-Flute/Ski-Slope, I make a new diagram.

It's not a ghetto Pan-flute anymore, starlets. Oh, no. It's now a mighty and majestic Orchestral Flute that only the most renowned Flautists have the courage to toot.

In other news, I'm growing more and more sick of the "Live Long and Prosper"  message that keeps coming up when the page is loaded. I counted and only have 4 more posts till' it's bumped into oblivion but don't know if I can go that long. You?


Carlos Galarza said...

first part of the post:

second part of the post:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. its really starting to piss me off, but you loved it so much i didn't say anything. Commonnnnnn four more posts

Lily said...


Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Three to go! We can win this thing!