Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tonight after I clean my room I'm going to clean my face up a bit. That means the Amish beard is going but I'm going to do something risky and daring. 

Leave my moustache.

It's a risky move because I don't have a full moustache but I will never know if I can pull it off if I never try. To be honest, I just want to be handsome like the young Orson Welles.

If you are wondering why I hate my beard all of the sudden it is because I "Trek'd" myself on the internet. Well, if you haven't noticed, I turned out black (which doesen't bother me because I'm all about equality) and my beard is a strange, shit-like mess. 
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Editor's Note: I'm totally into this thing yelling at you every time this page is loaded. 


Chris said...

I just jumped loading your page, i had my headphones in and turned up all the way!! Nice way to treat your readers lol jk
and btw u can grow a stash better than i can ive been trying to

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

I think you would look dope with a stash, get cracking on that shit!