Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breaking Bad

Watching TV on DVD's is a zillion times better than the regular way. It usually has a better picture and sounds nicer, there are no commercials, you can watch it whenever you want and as many in a row as you want and it brings the social element into play. Back in the day, I used to wait to talk to my friends about shows because we weren't with each other whenever it was on TV. Now, with DVDs you can have massive festivals where you watch a series over a period of time (or all at once) with your buddy right there.

That being said, yesterday I was in Borders looking for a Blue-Ray (I need a monthly fix) and couldn't find one in a reasonable price-range with enough explosions. Instead I saw "Breaking Bad" season 1 on sale. I decided to take a gamble. I wish my luck buying lotto tickets was as good as my luck buying TV Shows on DVD. I'd have a thousand dollars by now (which would go towards 500 lotto tickets, which would give me millions. Scratch that. Billions).

First thing I noticed when I popped the DVD in my laptop was something incredible. I mean, something really, really remarkable. Something I think that all of the TV DVDs should have, but never do. Something that has ground my fucking gears for so long has finally been fixed. I know this bothers you too, starlet, so prepare to have your mind blown. Exhibit A:

Yes. Look closely, people. Before watching a bunch of episodes you are asked if you want to watch it with recaps. Therefore, indirectly, that means you can watch as many episodes as you want without sitting through five minute recaps of something you just fucking watched.

This has always been one of my pet peeves. The most guilty offender of this horrible crime against home entertainment is "Rescue Me". The re-caps are incredibly long, incredibly thorough and stretch five episodes back. Sometimes, if it's really bad, hitting "skip" on the remote won't even take you to the beginning of the episode but a few minutes in. That is the worst. I hope every Television show released on DVD takes this amazing, courageous step made by the people behind "Breaking Bad" as an example of how to make every one's lives easier.

My mind was already blown before even watching the show. Before I continue on let me say I'm only five episodes in so I can't vouch for the entire thing. However, from what I have seen so far there is only one conclusion I can make:

I'm serious folks. The writing is pretty solid. The acting (at least by the two main characters) is prime shit. It's shot beautifully and the soundtrack is even better. It's gut wrenchingly dark and the actor who's name I should know but still call "Malcom's Dad" goes above and beyond what is usually asked of actors on contemprary television. Really folks, I'm giving this such a huge endorsement.

I try not to write about shit like this but I'm legitimately excited about this one. I can't wait to bring her back to New York and watch it all over again with Carlito.

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