Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Pirates have been having such a good month. They were all over the news last week when they tried to fuck with a couple of Americans (I think they lost because it's the year 2009) and with this whole Pirate Bay verdict coming in, well, Pirates are really hot right now. I would link you to either one of those stories but it's 11:30 and I had a long day. If you don't know what they are I can, however, link you to this site.

Recently I was talking to a dear friend of mine who told me that he bought whatever software you need to use BitTorrent. I won't expose his identity because I know how some people feel about torrenting, P2P servers and file swapping in general. Me? I don't really care that much. Until I started thinking about it...

I was reading Gizmodo and read that the new Square-Enix film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children has been pirated at an incredibly fast rate. What do I think about this? Nothing. I stopped caring about Cloud and Red XIII when I hit puberty three weeks ago. 

Then I read that the new X-Men movie with Wolverine got put online before it hit theatres. This didn't really tickle me either. Even as a filmmaker who can't imagine how horrible that feels, I feel that somehow a film that has a scene where a man jumps off the hood of a car and stabs a helicopter pilot in the throat will still make a decent amount of money. 

I was doing even more Internet reading and I found out that the Playstaion Portable (a handheld I respect greatly though do not own), something I have been contemplating purchasing for a while, was almost completely abandoned by developers because it was so easy to copy UMD media. This started to sort of piss me off.

Then, dear starlets, then it happened. I had to bring something from itunes into Garageband for a piece that was due the next day. What happened? It said "NO WAY, PIRATE" and completely deaded me. I had to open it in Quicktime, then save it as an MOV which I then had to convert to an MP3 though a different app I downloaded online. I could have just burnt it to a CD and then re-import it but I had no CD's. This is when I flipped.

Fucking pirates are beginning to ruin it for all of us. I don't want DRM on all my itunes music. I don't want to pay more money to see Wolverine cut people up. I don't want to be inconvenienced every time I need to purchase or enjoy media because some smarter, more computer savvy people figured out how to do it for free. 

Damn you pirates. 

DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL (except the one earlier mentioned, he's cool)!

Editor's Note: I think this post is an example of how sometimes, as far as funny pictures churned out of photoshop are concerned: less is more.

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Carlos Galarza said...

Even the Pirates of Pittsburgh for baseball are doing amazing