Thursday, April 30, 2009

Craziest dream ever

OK folks I'm going to try and keep this short: I just had the craziest dream of my life. 

I was with Carlos and Ludwig up in Harlem. Ludwig was with this foxy girl who was going to buy us beer and we were walking around with her. At one point we went into the store and decided to walk all the way to the back as not to rise suspicions. 

What  seemed like 30 minutes later we were all exhausted and reached the end of the store. 

"Damn, this store is really big" Carlos said.

At this stage, chocolate syrup started oozing out of my mouth a little bit. I was wearing a white sweater and didn't want to mess it up so I just kept swallowing. 

We walked out of the store and saw a group of hoodlums had smashed like 200 car windows and gathered all the bits of glass making a gigantic, glistening pile stopping traffic. Walking down the street I kept drooling chocolate. These kids came up behind us and we all stopped like badasses and stared them down and they walked away.

Then, one of them came back with a big stick and smashed Ludwig in the back of the leg with it. He started to run and I ran after him screaming "STOP IT ASSHOLE" and next thing I know a big fat woman is holding her son, crying and screaming "DO NO NOT CALL MY SON AN ASSHOLE"

Since apparently I'm awesome in my dreams I just walked towards her and said "FUCK YOU" and she and her son sort of disappeared. Poof. Into thin air.

People, this is where it gets crazy. Especially if your name is Ludwig Persik:

In the dream, I realized I was dreaming. For me, that's very rare. Then I realized that I was LUDWIG PERSIK dreaming. My voice turned into Ludwig's and I had a fucking monologue in the middle of the street. Something like:

"Ah, the fragility of dreams.
How one can wipe chocolate saliva off his lip
but instead accidentally smudge the
words he was about to speak 
all over his hands..."

Next thing I know I'm choking on that chocolate syrup and am forced to wake up. I had drooled EVERYWHERE and slept for like three hours. I realized I was just Ludwig and flipped out.



Carlos Galarza said...

hahahhaha. this is where things get crazy. especially if your name is ludwig persik. hahaha.


Kevin Patrick Gannon said...


haha dude that comment made me die in laughter and tear in joy

LudwigLongPlay said...

fuck vulcan kevin, im so glad he's gone

daniel said...

i thought it was romantic