Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can't Wait For This Book

In recent times I have been completely obsessed with 9/11 "Truthers" (as you have heard me mention a few too many times).

It's not really the ideas they believe in that fascinate me, it's the people themselves. Or, more importantly, what's driving them to think such ridiculous thoughts? I have been obsessing over conspiracy theorists in the past few months and am thinking of using the topic in a project or two come midterms. The idea that people can hijack scientific reasoning to help prove an argument that, in a larger scientific scale, seems flat out incorrect blows my mind. I need more info, though, and today I came across this book:

I just ordered this baby on Amazon a few hours ago (it was actually really cheap, $8 or something) and I cannot wait to get it. I, honestly, haven't been this excited about a book coming in a long time. 


daniel said...

Don't forget to update us as you read through it. I've spent way too much time reading about those theories.

Lizz Avalanche said...

Let me know how it is KPG!
I might just go out and buy it myself.