Thursday, October 29, 2009

Track Marks

My yesterday and bulk of today were spent in a doctor's office right in the middle of the Magnificent Mile. I have been going for allergy tests and as usual, they stabbed me up with things I'm allergic to. I sat in a room with bumps on my arms swelling up for a few hours while playing checkers on my ipod. I know what you are thinking and it's true: I live a really fast paced life. 

Today coming back from my morning appointment I was on the train and it was nearly empty. I didn't want to sit because I had been sitting all day so I stood holding onto the rail, arm fully extended. I swayed back and forth to pass the time and was having a good ride. 

That's when I realized the woman sitting in the seat beneath my arm was staring at me. Women stare at me all the time (I can't figure out if it's because I'm good looking or wretched) so I gave her a signature "Kevin Gannon Half Smile" and brushed it off. 

A stop later she was grilling me. She sighed, made that clicking sound with her tongue people make when they are disappointed in someone else and looked out the window. 

"Holy shit" I thought. "I'm that bad?"

I started to stare at her in hopes she'd tell me what was wrong. Finally at her stop (which, awkwardly was the same as mine) she stood up and said:

"You are going to kill yourself."

I was shocked. I thought maybe she was an oracle of some sort and had seen the future. Maybe somewhere down the line I off myself. Maybe I accidentally kill myself doing something stupid and she didn't choose her words right. She knew something about my fate. She was warning me.


I was captivated. 

"Drugs. You are too young for that type
of drug and it's going to kill you."

I was so confused. I stared at her. I don't do drugs. Do I? Does she know something about me I don't know? Either way, the train was rolling into the station. I gave her one last confused look and said "Drugs?" and she made the clicking sound again. This time, however, she pointed at my forearm.

Track marks. From the allergy tests. 

I looked like a big fat junkie. I fucked up and meant to explain the situation but instead all that came out was:

"These are from needles!"

She walked off the train and I followed. There was a weird moment when I was behind her and it looked like I was going to rob her. I didn't though, because I'm not a junkie. If I was a junkie I deserved an award for such symmetrical track marks.

Also, in other news: I'm not allergic to Asprin like I thought I was! YAAAAAAY!


Daniel said...

Oh boy that's funny

kathy said...

hahahahha i actually just laughed out loud

Carlos Galarza said...

OH SHIT SO ITS OFFICIAL. YOU CAN TAKE ASPIRIN. When you get home I'm going to punch you in the head so you can get a headache and I will have those two pills in hand.

ARRGGGHHH your arm looks disgusting. Whats with that HUGE bump on the other side of your elbow. Looks like you have two elbows. Also were you lying on the floor?

PS: Sorry for all the CAPITALS.

LudwigLongPlay said...


- thats what the class did yesterday. you're welcome, and thank you.