Monday, October 12, 2009

Kirk's Wood

Last Saturday one of my classes did alcohol gel transfers. It's a pretty easy and nifty way to do a print because all you need is clear, emulsion coated paper (which is pretty cheap), a printer and some hand sanitizer. Essentially (from what I understand) the alcohol in the hand sanitizer breaks down the ink on the transfer sheet and voila, you have a print. 

We were supposed to do things in a similar series so I got some images of those who boldly went where no man had gone before. I brought home two that I didn't think were quite good enough to make critique but fun enough to hang on a wall back the pad.

Here is the Captain himself on a big ol' piece of plywood.

Here, the boys have their phasers set to kill.

I like these.


Emily said...

Hand sanitzer: for prints and swine flu.

Michelle Vento said...

nice art kevin. but it's where no ONE has gone before.

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Words do not express how happy I am that you remembered about this blog

Michelle Vento said...
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