Saturday, October 3, 2009

Meet my new roommate

No, Preston hasn't bailed on me. I now have a second roommate. He doesn't have a name yet but I think he'd love to meet you.

Today I went to Petco with Preston. It was a long and beautiful walk through a part of Chicago I have never ventured through. I was going to buy a hamster but things didn't quite work out that way once I got there.

I found myself staring at the Guinea Pigs. They were super cool but a bit out of my budget. I was just about to give up and settle with a lame hamster. That is when fate stepped in.  

Preston and I were approached by a very nice young lady named Rachel. She worked at the joint and told us about a Guinea pig that was up for adoption. We went over and met him. We fell in love. 

He is a year old and was given up by his previous family because the daughter couldn't handle it's awesomeness. It is friendly, loves people and huge. When you put your hand in the cage he doesn't run away like most small rodents. Instead, he walks right up to you and smells/licks your fingers. He loves to sit on laps and watch Star Trek. He's perfect. 

By the time we decided to adopt him it was raining and we had our hands full. We were a far walk away from home and things were looking bleak. 

That's when Rachel offered us a ride. It was very gracious of her and she didn't seem to mind at all. She's one of those people that give me hope for humanity. 

After settling in we tossed our new friend a few chew sticks. He loves em'. We are getting a leash for him soon and I'm excited to have a little buddy to keep my lap warm when I'm watching TV. I just hope he doesn't shit and piss all over me (which I'm pretty sure these things are known to do). I will let you know when that happens. 

Right now we are just trying to name him. I voted for Spock, Papa New Guinea Pig or Moe Green. Any suggestions?


Carlos Galarza said...

Defiantly Spock or Zappa. I love how he's as big as Fig. And def a girl catcher if you keep it smelling good.

Lizz Avalanche said...

We eat those in Peru.

Anonymous said...

grim reapig, g-pig or "Some Pig"

Emily said...

Zappa? Preston 2?
Hope you are not allergic. Keep him in the LR, not your bedroom.

Mimi said...


daniel said...

oh they're so cute.

psssh, i mean he is.