Monday, October 5, 2009

Pain In The Ass P.O.V

A little context here. My laundry room is in the next building so I have to put my shoes (and pants) on, walk outside, enter another building and crawl down into the basement. I'd complain about it but I got it better than a lot of other kids I know who have to drag their shit to a Laundromat. Still, things find ways of going wrong and it's only so long until I can't hold my tongue anymore...

"Don't be scared, Kevin. Don't be scared, Kevin..."

"Booyah! Clean laundry. Now I won't 
smell like ass tomorrow!"

"Hey, what the fuck? This shit's still wet! It was
in here for an hour!"

"I'll do it again. Looks like I'm getting 60 minutes less
sleep tonight..."

"Good thing I'm prepared. Wait...who put a dime
 and a nickel in my quarter jar?! ASS!"

"Fuck it. I'm going to sleep."


LudwigLongPlay said...

good photo story.

Carlos Galarza said...

yeah I agree. That was really entertaining, while being about nothing. Love that you use a photo for a punch line

Carlos Galarza said...

Very Seinfeldian

LudwigLongPlay said...


Ezra Salzman-Gubbay said...

Reads like a comic.