Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holy cow, Truthers at my door

A few weeks ago I posted a video about 9/11 not being a conspiracy. I was fully aware of the comments I would get from "Truthers" who disagree with me. In fact, that was one of the reasons I did it. I'll be honest, I thought it would be fun to get people's goats. Problem is, once I had a few hundred goats tied up in my backyard I realized how loud and annoying goats are.

Over the weeks the comments have grown more and more aggressive. Whatever, yo, water off my back. I'm a big boy. 

What is frustrating, however, is that the comments are beginning to show that people are completely incapable of peacefully disagreeing with each other. Still, a much more disturbing fact was that people generally think "Acknowledge" is spelt "Agnologe"

Today I got one that I thought was so interesting I should post it here. It comes from some guy named "Michellenite" who has no videos uploaded so I can't really get a feel for what he's into.

He said:

"Listen BrokeHoeProductions You know nothing.. you are a chump ass child..9/11 was created by our own government.... I live in Chicago as well... and i am ACTIVE... if you step to me when I am demonstrating.. I Will HURT you"

Holy shit. This guy is pissed. I thought I would emphasize his anger by putting his quotes in a soft salmon color. I am very grateful for Michellenite's comment because it helped prove a point. Taking any idea so extremely that you become fanatical is a big fucking problem this country has. 

I have one thing to say to this individual and truly mean it. I responded on Youtube so he will end up reading it (as I'm comfortable to assume he is not a reader of this blog). Frankly, I hope I do cross paths with this man. Why? Because he will feel like a completle and utter douche bag for hurting someone simply because they diasgreed with him. 

It's funny how people like this consider themselves protectors American freedoms.



Carlos Galarza said...

Wow. And some people wonder how Nazis could have existed. This really grinds my gears. You hit it right on the head man. People can't peacefully disagree anymore. And he fucking lives in Chicago. Its like that episode of Rescue Me where the really awesome writer firefighter is at the 9/11 group therapy and everyones crying and then he finds out nobody was even in Manhattan. Jesus Christ

Also kev, before you criticize someone's spelling, make sure yours is perfect. Saw a few typos. hahaha. I know what you mean though. Ignorant asses.

LudwigLongPlay said...

oh that was me

daniel said...

heehee. soft salmon

Carlos Galarza said...

salmon is one of my favorite colors. Thanks for that treat.

LudwigLongPlay said...

salmon hahahaha


Emily said...

Stay away from those people. They will never change their minds and their violence potential is high.