Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dislike Button?

Already, you shudder. I don't even need to explain what is going on. If you have a Facebook account you have noticed the "WE DEMAND A DISLIKE BUTTON! 2 MILLION MEMBERS TO GO! JOIN NOW! ASAP! LET'S DO IT YEAAAH!" groups popping up allover the place. I think we have all pretty much grown immune to stupid Facebook things like this but still, I can't help but make a few observations...

When this all first started, some schmucks were under the impression that Facebook was a democracy and that if 1,000,000 people joined a group, Facebook would be forced to meet their demands.  Every day afterwords new groups would pop up increasing the number needed to convince Facebook to add the button. Today I logged in and saw a new group:


Seven million fucking people? Are you kidding me? Did I miss something? All for a Dislike button? Holy shit, folks. This is incredible.

I decided to check out what some of these people were saying in the forums. I have never seen such an angry group on Facebook (with the exception of Mafia Wars which threatened I join today or It'd kill me). Reading these comments you would think that something serious was going on. Nope, not actually. It's just hysteria on Facebook. 

Take Donya, for example. She's a bright girl and she understands why Facebook isn't too anxious to have a "dislike" button. She thinks it will be abused by people and create tension between users. Still, what about those who would use it properly?

It's a valid point. People need a way to "SHOW THT THY DONT RLY LIKE SOMTHING". What a conundrum.

Some people are just being ridiculous and proving that once you give somebody something they want more and more. 

Jeffrey, come on. Do you also want a sack of money, asshole? 

My favorite comment of them all came from Aisha. It's simple, it's clear and it gets the point across nicely:

She should look into politics. 

This is all fun and games until I saw the most upsetting thing of all. A young lady suggesting each member of each group donating $1 and coming up with millions which they could then give to Facebook in exchange for a Dislike button.

Isn't that what you would do too? If I had millions I would most certainly give them to a website that I probably won't be using in two years. 

In all honesty, actually, if I had the money I would do everything but give the money to Facebook. That wouldn't even be an option that crossed my mind. I would buy a car and drive it into a pool of Cottage cheese before I gave my cash to Facebook.

Zoe, I totally agree. Let's do that. Just tell everyone to make the donations to Kevin Gannon's paypal account. 


Carlos Galarza said...

Okay I haven't finished the post yet, but I just had to comment because I was laughing too hard. The first chick you show the comment of was so funny. Was she misspelling words on purpose or did she actually think button was spelled butoon and put spelled putt

matt said...

haha this is the best. What's even worse is that there's no 'official join this group and maybe we'll take it down' group. A new one pops up every day. But then again, facebook was never meant to be taken seriously, or was it? :D

Daniel said...

DISLIKE, Carlos.

Boy that was fun. Thanks, Kev.

LudwigLongPlay said...

i would donate to your paypal right now

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