Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Falling in the Shower

I got a really good critique on the photos I mentioned in my last post. So good, in fact, that some of them didn't even need exposed weenies to effect the viewer. That's good for you because it means a) you don't have to see my exposed weenie and b) you get to see them. 

Like every good art student I did a reversed reference to David's Death of Marat. How Neo-Neo Classic:

This was a fun shoot and it's the first time I have put something up on the wall during a crit that I didn't think was garbage. Essentially, what we talked about in class is that there are two types of photographers: hunters and farmers. 

I am not a hunter. I grow my own shit. Still, I have a hunter mentality that kicks in by storing images in my head through experience, film, literature and other art. It's good stuff and it's a huge breakthrough. I always looked at photographers (at least in the art world) as hunters and said to myself "That's no place for me"
Boy was I wrong. I loved doing this. It's not a new idea to be a farmer but to me it is.  I can't wait to plant some more crops.


Carlos Galarza said...

JUST LIKE KEVIN TO HAVE EVERYTHING. If I wasn't your adaptive brother I would hate you. lol. Just kidding. That sounds exactly like you the farmer with a hunter mind. Glad it came out good.

emx said...

I'm a farmer too.

Anonymous said...

this is not funny kevin

LudwigLongPlay said...

this is fucking awesome kevin, and he's right its not funny... its quite seriously epic. Hi five to the budding artist! WOO

monty said...

and so it begins. word.

Melissa Hinckley Allen said...

great work!
I like the metaphor hunter/farmer.

Daniel said...

too scary for me.