Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Smashed Up Shit

There aren't many things I love more in life than my gadgets and gizmos. From the Roku playing on the HD to my cellphone snuggling next to my ipod in my jacket pocket: these things get my rocks off. 

Since these little guys are so imprtant to me I go out of my way to take good care of them. Still, somehow, when I empty my pockets most of my shit is fucked up.

My phone fell the other day. I was doing something stupid (swinging it an inch above the ground by it's chord like a pendulum) and it fell. It fell, maybe, four inches (tops) and still somehow got totally and utterly fucked up. I have been talking on this thing and dropped it down cement stairs and zilch has happened. Now she falls a few inches onto a carpet and breaks? Bullshit. 

Next to my iPod Touch with a smashed screen and my laptop with hundreds of dead pixels, dents and white spots I'm really in a dark place. 


Chris Nelson said...

all i can say is time for droid! just be glad its almost christmas. oh and bring your macbook into apple and have them replace the screen. thats why u have applecare

ma said...

You need a new old phone. I will send one.