Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Connecticut Moment

I'm spending the next few days here in Connecticut and today there was a tremendous rainstorm. At points it was of biblical proportions but eventually the clouds let up and created a very beautiful, wet and foggy atmosphere. 

First thing I saw was my mother's favorite tent lying lifeless on the grass. The same tent that sheltered many parties from many elements was now just a mangled ball of metal. The storm had completely destroyed it. My mother was very upset and I felt for her but I couldn't help but feel good about having a Theo Jansen piece in my own backyard. 

I went outside to shoot the 1088 but instead felt enthralled by the beauty of the backwoods. Something funny was in the air tonight. Everything was completely still. The woods were windless and the only sound came from the last remaining drops of water falling from the leaves of trees and landing on my head, cooling me off. 

More enthralling was the Bridgewater fog that was rolling over the hill and engulfing the field. I tried to take some pictures but they really didn't do it justice. 

When I got to my shooting spot I fired a few rounds and the noise was so out of place that I just tucked the airgun away, opened a can of Miller High Life and held hands with the girl in the moon as everything grew darker and my relaxation grew deeper.

This photo somehow depicts the scenery pretty well. It's difficult to put "so fucking horrifying that I felt totally at ease" eloquently, but this snap does it for me.

I wandered aimlessly around the woods, got a few mosquito bites and then checked in on the Chickens before going in.

They, too, were having a Zen moment. Aren't they cute?

That walk left me more relaxed than anything has in a long, long time. Nature is funny like that. Sometimes it's soothing and enjoyable. Who woulda' thought?

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