Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Being a gigantic hive is difficult but (at least after my artistic revelation) I have come to accept these itchy little friends of mine and decided to live with them. 

Before I threw in the towel completely my folks and I thought one more allergy test couldn't hurt. I'm glad we thought so because I found out I'm no longer allergic to shellfish (my immune system is very fickle) and I might be able to take aspirin (which, seriously folks, would change my life. Everything worth taking as aspirin in it).

For those of you unfamiliar to this process a nurse takes little particles of whatever substance you may be allergic to. She then stabs them into your arm and a waiting game begins. Big itchy red hive? You allergic. Nothing? You good.

Guess which group I fell into a few times?

Hives mean nothing to me and because of that, the result of the test really didn't phase me at all. That is, however, until I started feeling a little funny.

In the waiting room I began to feel light-headed. Then sick. Driving back home the symptoms got worst. On the FDR I demanded that my mother make an emergency stop at Carlos' house so I could heave my ankles.

I did just that. 

Worst part? You know how vomiting usually makes you feel a little bit better? It didn't. I still feel cold, clammy, shaky, nauseous and have a pounding head ache.

Jesus. Having unknown hives for the rest of my life is so much better than this.


LudwigLongPlay said...

kevin, the first and last time i was at the allergists office, i got stabbed with those multiple needles.

i proceeded to stumble to the bathroom, when all of a sudden my eyes were overtaken by a really bizarre and unique headrush. my eyesight went bright neon pink. i felt my life was flashing before my eyes, but i couldn't see it because of the pink.

i never went back, it was the worst experience. it wasn't worth it. i was never so allergic to anything like that, i didn't even want to find out what it was cause it's never even happened to me before.

i hear you.

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Holy crap what was it?

I'm glad I'm not alone. I called them up and they told me that it happens but never outside of the office and I'm a total freak of nature.

daniel said...