Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Frontier: Gun Reviews

Yesterday while surfing Youtube I noticed a shit-ton of BB Gun reviews. Unspurisingly, each video had thousands of hits. I'm not the most educated CO2 powered gun nut there is but I know enough to tell that these are shitty reviews. People awkwardly standing there reading facts off the box and then shooting a few rounds (if your lucky). Still, thousands of people watched these pieces of shit.

Being the attention hungry, blogging monster I am the part of my brain that says "LISTEN TO ME I HAVE AN IDEA" started lighting up. Next thing I know, I'm at Walmart (and yes, I checked the Bathroom in hopes I'd get on Kotaku again. Zilch.) in the sporting goods section. The result? Check it:

I bet that within three weeks, this will have a few thousand hits. 

God, it's so easy sometimes. 


sparky said...

"It never gets easy"

man Kevin, watching you is like watching an un-animated Home Movies all over again

robbie said...

i like the camouflage jacket over the uniqlo shirt.

Carlos Galarza said...

And I like the two pairs of glasses.

Finally got it huh

daniel (johnston) said...

i like everything

LudwigLongPlay said...

i like you daniel,
and as for kevin, i'm trying to open you up to my demographic. hope you notice a change

Anonymous said...

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