Monday, August 3, 2009

Try to do something nice (PT.2)

No, unfortunately this isn't an update on our drunken buddies on their way back to the Bronx. Instead it's another case of when trying to do something nice easily backfires making you look like an asshole.

Last night my buddy Sauce and I went to Ludwig's place. He fell asleep (because he's a PUNK) and we decided to lock the door ourselves rather than disturb his slumbers. 

This morning Ludwig wakes up and goes to get his clothing from the wash room and the door shuts behind him. Deaded. Locked out.

There, clad only in his undies, Ludwig must call a locksmith and pay $130 to get back in. 

Sorry buddy, I will try not to do nice things anymore.


Daniel Simon Rutkowski said...


Carlos Galarza said...

Oh damn. But theres no way around that. You leave it open you run the risk of getting robbed or just breaking principal of leaving a door unlocked over night. And we all know what happened when you locked it. You should have left a note on the door though.

Sorry Ludwig.