Thursday, August 27, 2009

Move in

Well, I'm finally in Chicago and things are insane. The amount of stuff that needs to get done in the next few days is daunting but at least I have a lot of help from my awesome family. 

Today we emptied the odd stuff from our car into the apartment and I thought I'd snap a picture of our new house guard:

That little guy down by the fireplace? That's Spuds McKenzie of Bud Light fame. He makes sure no thieves break into our place and steal our two chairs and globe bar.


LudwigLongPlay said...

YOU have a GLOBE BAR?!

DANIEL said...

as am i

Christopher Nelson said...

so after meeting Spuds in real life i went and researched him and his life because i thought i missed something as a child. He was taken of the air in 1992 i dont remember 92 therefor i never saw the ads

Carlos Galarza said...

The globe bar was featured in Gossip Girl. Which is pretty dope, because even the poor people's shoes cost 200 dollars. The place (well just the fireplace) looks dope. Put up more pictures. People want to see the home base of 'A Journey'

Carlos Galarza said...

By the way I asked Mom if she remembered the Spud McKenzie ads.... She does. Awesome.

Kyra Beckmann said...

chi-town sounds like a much better place than Middle-town or the back of y'all's mom's mini-van