Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hold yer' horses

I'm almost completely done moving into the apartment (which is still unnamed) and really satisfied with how she's turning out. Honestly, folks, it's fucking beautiful. It looks better than anything I could have imagined and I can't wait until it is finished completely so I can show it off to you.

Meanwhile, there have been no posts for the obvious reasons (I'm busy as shit, etc) but to those people out there to whom I have gone AWOL (that means not picking up my phone or making calls myself) I'm totally sorry. In a matter of 24 hours I will be back in the loop. Not the North Loop, though. That place sucks.

In the meantime I am perfecting the final touches on my very first bachelor pad.

High five, bro.


Anonymous said...

Name suggestions:
The Elk (that's my fave)
Brick Lane
Double Door

LudwigLongPlay said...

name suggestions:
Kevin's House Not Preston's
Preston's House Not Kevin's

Carlos Galarza said...

Awesome Apartment of Awesome Dudes Doing Awesome Things

Anonymous said...

why is it men have to refer to their material objects as she or her

robbie said...

bat cave